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okan dayan
okan dayan
T-shirt sustainable de très bonne qualité, le touché est très agréable également, ca promet pour les prochaines éditions!
Thibaud Donzier
Thibaud Donzier
Très content de mon achat, super qualité 🙌🏻 hâte de voir la suite
Edgardo Lopes
Edgardo Lopes
Excelente fit. Comfortable and high quality.
Cláudio Gradim
Cláudio Gradim
Uma t-shirt com um tecido super macio e de elevada qualidade, fresca e não absorve qualquer odor da transpiração! Apesar de ser mais pesada que uma t-shirt normal, é super confortável, mesmo em dias de mais calor. Recomendo sem dúvida nenhuma, de certeza que vou voltar a comprar.
Pedro Carvalho
Pedro Carvalho
One of the best cloth
Thiago Gomes
Thiago Gomes
A t-shirt é incrível. A princípio pensei que seria desconfortável porque ao pegar é uma peça "pesada" mas é totalmente ao contrário. É super confortável e fresca, realmente não absorve odores da transpiração e assenta bem no corpo. Estou muito satisfeito. Parabéns INSIMI. 😊
Rafael Pereira
Rafael Pereira
Boa, bonita e confortável :)
Joao Diogo
Joao Diogo
Pah, muito confortável a t-shirt, é simples e é bonita.. O pessoal quando me dá um abraço diz logo coisas do tipo "hmmmm... que tecidooo" 😂 E é mesmo, sente-se no toque! 👌


INSIMI t-shirt

Sustainable Fashion

Eco-friendly and ethical in every way

By combining organic materials, certified sustainable technologies and local manufacturing, we’ve been able to reduce the environmental impact of the T-Shirt’s lifespan by over 60%.

Lifetime CO2 Footprint INSIMI

100% Organic Cotton. 0% Pesticides

Better for your skin and the planet

We chose organic cotton as the most environmentally friendly cotton available to create sustainable pieces, and ensure that the fabric you wear is not harmful to your skin or the planet.

Organic Cotton Benefits
Organic Cotton Benefits

200 GSM of Premium Organic Cotton

Comfort that lasts

Created to be a long-lasting piece, the T-Shirts were designed to create a supremely comfortable sensation and look like they did on day one. By using heavy organic cotton (200 g/m2) the T-Shirt surrounds you with softness and following the lines of your body for a long time.

INSIMI t-shirt 2
INSIMI t-shirt white

Ethically Made

Consciousness in all steps

We have carefully selected our suppliers for their expertise and their environmental and social impact. By working with suppliers who are close to us, we continually ensure that their commitment to human well-being is as high as ours.

186.8 km

total of kilometers traveled to create the INSIMI t-shirt

t-shirt manufacturing

Partners that we trust

Made in Portugal
designed in switzerland made in portugal

Renewable energy

The energy used in their factories comes from renewable sources

Fair conditions

All workers are treated fairly and well paid, and work with up-to-date equipment

Certified suppliers

All legal, environmental and social certifications are updated


Smart Fashion

When technology meets fashion

The global leader in innovation and the leader in performance textiles partner to add functionality beyond traditional use and address everyday challenges.


Stay fresh longer (Anti-Bacterial Technology)

Repels body odor for a long time

INSIMI T-Shirts are treated with environmentally friendly finishes that make them anti-odour by getting rid of 99.9% of bacteria and fungi.


Your second skin (Thermoregulatory Technology)

Maintains your body temperature

Year-round ready, use your T-Shirt as underwear or outerwear with the confidence of thermal comfort, perspiration control and dynamic moisture evaporation.


And many more benefits

Made for your comfort

Extremely Breathable

Let your skin breath

Keep the right amount of warmth and moisture under your shirt with our extremely breathable fabric. It lets your skin breathe and your clothes stay cooler longer

Pill Resistant

Pleasure that lasts

Our fabrics are durable and have been made with materials and techniques that prevent small fiber knots, leaving the fabric smooth and flat forever

Soft Touch

The touch of heavens

With softness in mind, we have used premium organic cotton fabrics and quality finishes for our pieces that give a soft touch and comfortable wear

Shrink Resistance

Everyday perfect sized

Our fabrics are pre-washed, mechanically relaxed and tested before the apparel is made to prevent shrinkage during use and washing



An elegant and attractive look

Look serious and sophisticated with a stylish design that never disappoints to shine and catch the eyes around you. Designed to inspire confidence, the subtle branding conveys the values embedded in every piece.

INSMI tshirt in white edition 2
t-shirt insimi white edition

Tailored Fit

Looks great all times

Created to fit everyone, every shape and gender. You won’t feel boxy, oversized, skinny or just regular. The knit and cut of our fabrics create the perfect fit, the INSIMI fit

Adaptive Fabric

Moves with you

Made with non-ordinary textiles, it adjusts to your body’s motion and posture, wrapping around your body in the most natural way and allowing for every movement, promoting your flexibility

Timeless Design

The future is classic

By mastering the art of simplicity, it becomes much easier to dress for everyday wear with clean and fashionable pieces that fit any occasion

Color Fade-Proof

Reliable colors

We dye our T-shirts with ecological ink that retains the same fiber color at all times, and lasts more than 100 washes without degrading their pigments


INSIMI is a fashion brand that combines innovation and technology to improve people’s lives in a sustainable way

One signature

Upscale Standards


Our mission

Our mission is to develop high quality and innovative clothing in a sustainable way

Our vision

We envision to be the first sustainable fashion brand with products that no longer lose value and keep improving people’s quality of life

our values

We are committed to the highest possible standards…



High quality and durable

Our high-quality standards ensure that your garment will last a long time without becoming damaged or require excessive maintenance. Use it, love it, repeat.


Comfort thinking

We believe that comfort is the key to staying relaxed and have a more comfortable life. When we create our pieces, comfort is the primary guiding axis. Stay pleasing, dry, and comfy all day.


Environmentally pleasant

From raw organic cotton to green electricity and recycled packaging, our product is in line with the environment. If it is good for the planet, it is worth wearing.


Timeless Design

Looking good does not have to be complicated. Your day-to-day dressing is much easier when your choices are clean and fashionable pieces that match for any and every occasion.

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