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Thank you to all contributors

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Afonso Coelho, Alexandre Peyrot, Ana Arroja, Ana Moreira Espincho, André Barroca, André Miranda, António Francisco, Ary Jmor, Asan, Ibraimi, Benjamin Smits, Caio Santana Jacobina, Camille Delahaye, Catarina Monteiro Santos, Celine Dabbagh, Cláudio Gradim, Daniel Pires, Dany Santos, Daphne Patra, Diamantino Dos Santos, Diogo Cardoso, Edgardo Lopes, Eléonore Moussaid, Emanuel Leal, Eric Castro, Filipe Martins, Flávio Videira, Freshmilk Agency, Gilles Santos, Grégory Hess, Guillaume Genoud, Henrique Vieira, Humberto Carvalho, Isabelle Bon, Joana Mogadouro, João Diogo, Joel Monteiro, Jonathan Haefeli, Joran Entjes, Jordy Gonçalves, Jorge Neto, Jra-Antunes, Justin Gigon, Karyna Yurchenko, Kévin Buet, Kven Carballo, Lina Östby, Lucile Sechaud, Ludovic Mareemootoo, Luis Filipe Almeida, Manuel Firme, Marion Boisgontier, Maria Manuela, Marta Sofia, Marvin Domingues, Mathieu Reist, Maxime Ducrest, Mélanie De Almeida, Mélanie Leszek, Mikael Cantatore, Mirsi Rama, Nathalie Golaz, Nicolas Tourne, Nicole Arhanchet Alonso, Nuno Viveiros, Okan Dayan, Pedro Carvalho, Pedro Martins, Philippe Sigier, Rafael Martins, Rafael Pereira, Raquel Machado, Rosa Maria Monteiro, Ru Wikmann, Rui Cordeiro, Rui Pinto, Sabina Pinto, Sara Carvalho, Sasha Asensio, Silvio Rodrigues, Sofia Lopes, Sónia Silva, Stéphanie Mirza, Théo Chiodoni, Thiago Gomes, Thibaud Donzier, Vincent Moreno, Zayd Ouzerara

Expected* Shipping Date

June 21, 2022

*According to the current market constraints.




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*According to the current market constraints.

Message from the team

🌹 First of all, thank you.

😘 With your support, we have managed to reach our financial goal to produce the first INSIMI t-shirts.

🌍 Together, we are one step closer to our goal of dressing those who want to improve their daily lives with products that are extremely eco-friendly and designed to last.

🔥 There are more challenges ahead and we are determined to overcome them as we have done so far. And as always, we will keep you informed of the project’s progress through our usual channels and we look forward to seeing your reactions as soon as you receive your t-shirt!

🤝🏻 Once again, thank you for your trust and support. We promise you that we will continue to be committed to the highest possible standards… yours.

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